Minecraft : Enchanting

Thu Dec 29. 2022

Minecraft : Enchanting

today im going to give you a quick rundown of enchanting in minecraft, there are plenty of benefits to enchanting, the obvious one being making your equipment better or giving it abilities they didn't have before. Obviously if you want to play minecraft for free, you can find a server at this minecraft serverlist.

To start off, like with anything in minecraft you're going to need a the tools necessary for the job, for enchanting this means, the Enchantment table, which you can construct from a book, 2 diamonds and 4 obsidian blocks, which you can combine in the crafting table

Then you're going to want to place it in a fairly large room, since if you want the higher level enchantments, you're going to have to surround your enchantment table with bookshelves which you can make like this :
you can use any type of wood, i just used different ones to show you.

Now onto the actual enchanting, to enchant your gear you're going to use your level, which you get by killing monsters. Whenever you kill a monster they leave behind one or more green blobs, which give you some xp, these then get converted to levels, which you use to enchant your stuff. Now if you want to use the highest level on enchantments you're going to want to have atleast 15 bookshelves around your enchantment table and you're going to need to be level 30. The enchantments we know are :


Basically the item with this enchantment uses xp drops to repair itself.

Unbreaking - It increases the durability of on item signicantly, which lets you use it more without repairing it.

Fortune -This increases the chance of getting more resources from blocks mined with a tool enchanted with this enchantment.

Looting - Similar to fortune but for swords.

Sharpness - Increases the damage of an enchanted weapon.

Power - Same as shrapness but for bows.

Protection - Increases the power of your armor.

Efficiency - Increases the speed at which you mine blocks with enchanted tool.