Finding a Home: 20 Welcoming Minecraft Survival Servers for New Players

Sep. 24, 2022

Beloved Sandbox Game

Minecraft, the beloved sandbox game, offers a vast and immersive world filled with endless possibilities. For new players entering this universe, finding a welcoming and inclusive survival server is crucial for an enjoyable and fulfilling gameplay experience. In this article, we will explore 20 welcoming Minecraft survival servers that provide a friendly environment, supportive communities, and exciting adventures for new players to call home.

  1. SereneCraft:

    SereneCraft is a survival server focused on creating a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. With a friendly and helpful community, it offers a safe space for new players to learn and explore at their own pace.

  2. Emerald Isle:

    Emerald Isle is a survival server with a tight-knit community and a strong emphasis on collaboration. Players can join factions, engage in cooperative builds, and participate in community events.

  3. The Wooden Spoon:

    The Wooden Spoon is a beginner-friendly survival server with a helpful and supportive community. It provides tutorials, guides, and mentorship programs to assist new players in their Minecraft journey.

  4. NoviceCraft:

    NoviceCraft is a survival server designed specifically for new players. It offers a welcoming environment, interactive tutorials, and a dedicated staff team to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.

  5. Craftopia:

    Craftopia is a survival server with a diverse and inclusive community. It provides a wide range of activities, including minigames, events, and building competitions, catering to different playstyles and interests.

  6. FriendlyCraft:

    As the name suggests, FriendlyCraft is a survival server known for its warm and inviting community. New players are greeted with open arms and can engage in cooperative builds, trading, and group activities.

  7. HappyLand:

    HappyLand is a family-friendly survival server that prioritizes creating a safe and enjoyable environment for players of all ages. It offers strict rules against griefing and toxic behavior, ensuring a positive experience for new players.

  8. Genesis Survival:

    Genesis Survival is a survival server focused on community-building and exploration. It provides a variety of unique biomes, custom dungeons, and engaging quests to keep new players entertained.

  9. PixelmonCraft:

    For those interested in the Pokémon universe, PixelmonCraft is a survival server that combines Minecraft with the beloved Pokémon franchise. It offers an immersive survival experience with the added element of catching and battling Pokémon.

  10. The Sanctuary:

    The Sanctuary is a survival server with a strong emphasis on building and creativity. It provides a supportive community, creative contests, and regular building challenges to inspire new players.

  11. ValhallaCraft:

    ValhallaCraft is a survival server with a vibrant and active player base. It offers a balanced economy, player-run shops, and various community events to engage new players and foster a sense of belonging.

  12. Wonderland:

    Wonderland is a survival server that aims to create a magical and enchanting experience. With custom biomes, unique features, and a friendly community, it provides a delightful journey for new players.

  13. AdventureQuest:

    AdventureQuest is a survival server that places a strong emphasis on exploration and adventure. With custom-generated structures, challenging quests, and unique boss battles, it offers an exciting and immersive experience for new players.

  14. HarmonyCraft:

    HarmonyCraft is a survival server dedicated to maintaining a peaceful and respectful community. It provides grief protection, anti-cheat measures, and a mature player base for new players to enjoy a hassle-free experience.

  15. NovaRealms:

    NovaRealms is a survival server that offers a balanced gameplay experience. With an active and friendly community, regular events, and a range of custom features, it provides new players with a diverse and engaging environment.

  16. HavenCraft:

    HavenCraft is a survival server with a focus on building and community. It encourages cooperative projects, provides resources for new players, and fosters a welcoming and supportive atmosphere.

  17. Nature's Haven:

    Nature's Haven is a survival server that revolves around creating a beautiful and natural world. It offers custom biomes, resource packs, and an active player community dedicated to preserving the environment.

  18. Dreamland:

    Dreamland is a survival server designed to spark players' imaginations and creativity. With stunning builds, player-driven events, and a friendly community, it provides an inspiring environment for new players.

  19. OasisCraft:

    OasisCraft is a survival server that aims to create an oasis of fun and relaxation. It offers a laid-back and welcoming atmosphere, with a focus on community activities and cooperative gameplay.

  20. UtopiaCraft:

    UtopiaCraft is a survival server dedicated to providing a positive and enjoyable experience for new players. With a helpful staff team, interactive tutorials, and community-driven projects, it creates a sense of belonging and friendship.

When embarking on a new Minecraft adventure, finding a welcoming survival server is essential. These 20 servers offer new players a safe and engaging environment to learn, explore, and connect with a supportive community. So, join a server, start your Minecraft journey, and discover a home where you can thrive and forge lasting friendships along the way.

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