Connecting with Friends: Using Evolve to Play Minecraft Servers Together

Jan. 26, 2022

Minecraft Server Network

Minecraft, the popular sandbox game, becomes even more enjoyable when playing with friends. The multiplayer experience allows players to collaborate, explore, and create together in the vast Minecraft world. While Minecraft offers its own multiplayer options, some players prefer using third-party tools to connect with friends and join servers seamlessly. One such tool is Evolve, a platform that simplifies multiplayer connectivity and enables players to easily play Minecraft servers together. In this article, we will explore how to use Evolve to connect with friends and enjoy multiplayer Minecraft servers.

Minecraft Servers

What is Evolve?

Evolve is a multiplayer platform that provides a hassle-free way to connect with friends and join multiplayer games. It acts as a virtual LAN (Local Area Network), allowing players to create private networks and play games as if they were connected to the same local network. Evolve offers a range of features that simplify the process of connecting and playing multiplayer games, including Minecraft servers.

Minecraft Server

Getting Started with Evolve:

To connect with friends and play Minecraft servers together using Evolve, follow these steps:

  1. Download and Install Evolve:

    Visit the official Evolve website ( and download the Evolve client for your operating system. Once downloaded, run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions to install Evolve on your computer.

  2. Create an Evolve Account:

    Launch the Evolve client and create a new Evolve account by providing the necessary information. You will need a valid email address to complete the registration process.

  3. Add Friends on Evolve:

    After creating your Evolve account, you can add friends to your Evolve friend list. To do this, either search for their Evolve usernames or send them your Evolve username so they can add you as a friend. Having friends on Evolve makes it easier to connect and play Minecraft servers together.

  4. Create or Join a Minecraft Server Network:

    In the Evolve client, navigate to the "Parties" tab. Here, you can create a new party or join an existing one. A party in Evolve acts as a virtual LAN network, enabling you and your friends to connect and play together.

  5. Launch Minecraft and Configure Multiplayer:

    Launch the Minecraft Java Edition and navigate to the multiplayer menu. Click "Add Server" and enter the server IP address and port number provided by the Minecraft server you wish to join. Ensure that you have the correct version of Minecraft compatible with the server.

  6. Connect to the Minecraft Server through Evolve:

    With the Minecraft server details entered, return to the Evolve client and invite your friends to join your party. Once everyone has joined the party, select the party leader and have them launch the Minecraft server. Other party members can then connect to the server by navigating to the multiplayer menu and selecting the server from the list.

  7. Enjoy Minecraft Servers with Friends:

    Once connected, you and your friends can explore, build, and play together on the Minecraft server. Engage in exciting adventures, collaborate on massive construction projects, or compete in thrilling PvP battles, all while enjoying the company of your friends through the power of Evolve.

Advantages of Using Evolve:

Using Evolve to connect with friends on Minecraft servers offers several advantages:

  1. Simplicity: Evolve simplifies the process of connecting with friends and joining Minecraft servers. It eliminates the need for complex port forwarding or network configuration, making multiplayer gameplay more accessible to all.

  2. Security: Evolve provides a secure environment for connecting with friends, ensuring a private and controlled multiplayer experience.

  3. Community: Evolve offers a community platform where players can discover and connect with like-minded Minecraft enthusiasts, expanding their network and discovering new servers to explore.

  4. Voice Chat: Evolve features built-in voice chat capabilities, allowing players to communicate seamlessly during gameplay without the need for external voice communication tools.

  5. Cross-Platform Support: Evolve supports cross-platform play, enabling players on different operating systems to connect and play together. Whether you're on Windows, macOS, or Linux, you can enjoy Minecraft servers with your friends.

Connecting with friends and playing Minecraft servers together is made simple and convenient with Evolve. By downloading and installing Evolve, creating an account, adding friends, creating or joining a Minecraft server network, and connecting to the Minecraft server through Evolve, players can enjoy seamless multiplayer experiences and collaborate on exciting adventures in the vast Minecraft world. So, gather your friends, unleash your creativity, and embark on unforgettable multiplayer journeys using Evolve for Minecraft.

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