Cheap Minecraft Server Hosting F.A.Q.’s

Tue Jan 24. 2023

Cheap Minecraft Server Hosting F.A.Q.’s

'Does 'cheap hosting' mean bad hosting?'

Absolutely not – that's actually kind of a pet peeve of everyone here at Minecraft Host Reviews. Cheap Minecraft server hosting – to us – means affordability. No server hosting company makes our lists – whether for cheap Minecraft server hosting (like this one!), dedicated Minecraft server hosting or our best Minecraft server hosting – without being focused on, and succeeding at, creating AWESOME services, providing high-quality, lag-free servers, and backing those promises up with killer customer support. Any host who makes these lists – from the industry leading MCProHosting to the stellar newcomers at Arkan Hosting – meets these criteria regardless.

'So, why these particular hosts?'

Each of these hosts already have a place on our “best Minecraft server hosting” list, but not every server host offers a low-cost alternative to their standard packages. For people looking to get their feet wet with running a Minecraft server, or for students and families looking to maximise their money, these server hosts offer the best bang for your buck.

'What if my cheap server isn't big enough?'

Great question! The super awesome hosts we've got listed above are all fully capable of scaling your server up to a larger plan – and are willing to do it without disrupting or re-installing your existing server! Their goal is to provide you with such an awesome server, that you WANT to upgrade.

'Are these servers strong enough to play modded Minecraft?'

Nope. Sorry to be so blunt, but these are very small, very specialised servers. You'll be able to run a vanilla Minecraft server for yourself and a couple of buddies, but without spending a little more money, these hosts just cannot provide the processing power to handle an intense (but still awesome!) mod pack like Feed the Beast or Tekkit. You'll want to invest in a larger server size to play modded Minecraft.

'How Do You Choose the Best Cheap Minecraft Server Hosts?'

When analyzing different hosting companies for Minecraft hosting, we looked at numerous factors before we made our pick.

Professional Website – When we pick the “best of,” we look for a professional looking website. You know, something that obviously took a lot of time and wasn't just tossed up there. Take a look at the three hosting companies we picked, you'll see what we're talking about.

Reviews – Reviews are definitely something you need to pay close attention to. We read reviews and contact older customers to get the inside scoop across a wide variety of people, orders, servers and game modes.

Professionalism – This is definitely a must. Hosting companies should show professionalism and spelling/grammar in conversation and on their website should be good. When you speak with customer service, you should feel respected and well-treated.

SSL Certification – That is the green padlock icon that appears up top in the address bar. This seal indicates that the data on the website server is secure, so you can rest with the satisfaction of knowing your details are going to be safe.

Server Quality – What use is a 'cheap' server if it can't even get the game running? We test each server to make sure it lives up to the hype created by each hosting company.

'What Can a Minecraft Server do for Me?'

When you have a Minecraft server at your disposal, you will be the one responsible for calling the shots in the game – doesn't that sound like fun? Other advantages of having your own Minecraft server includes being able to build back-ups, and edit players.

If you were to set up your own server, without a Minecraft host, you would have to tackle the technical difficulties that are attached to it. When you purchase a Minecraft server hosting company from our “best of” list, you are guaranteed to be able to take advantage of your gaming experience.

'Should I go for a Cheap Minecraft Server Hosting Company?'

Yes, you should.

Many people will turn away from cheap Minecrat hosting companies solely because of the word “cheap.” They are under the impression that the cheap price means they will offer cheap services, but this isn't always the truth.

'How Long Does it Take to Setup?'

Most of the services are set up automatically, once payment is received – if you haven't received an email with your server details within 10 minutes of sending payment, make sure you check your spam folder. After you have made your purchase, if it isn't working, feel free to contact customer support.

'Will I Get Full Access and Control Of My Server?'

Yes, of course you will! You will have full control of your Minecraft server. Some server hosting companies put restrictions on SSH or FTP file access to the back-end, but those companies almost always offer another means of installing or modifying gamefiles.

'Why Can't I Connect to My Server?'

If you have your server online, but you aren't able to connect to your server, check the port that is set on the Multicraft panel. If it isn't set at “25565,” in order to connect, you will need to specify it at the end of the IP.